[icecast] Ogg streams on MacOSX

Arc arc at indymedia.org
Fri Aug 8 17:17:17 UTC 2003

This comes from the Indymedia global audio list.  How about setting up a
software page on icecast.org with a list of players that work properly?

Many players on vorbis.com will only play files on a hard drive, not
streaming files, such a list would be very helpful towards promoting Ogg
as a useful streaming format.

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The whole world doesn't use Linux or Windows.  Some tiny fraction of 
computer users use Macs.  I didn't realize until yesterday evening how 
difficult and mysterious it is to try to listen to an icecast ogg vorbis 
stream on a Macintosh running OS X.

So, just in case anybody out there needs to know, here's one way to do it.


You'd think iTunes and RealPlayer would play ogg vorbis streams, but they 
don't, and a lot of other "solutions" tossed up by Google don't seem to work 
either, at least for mere mortals like me.  The only ogg-stream player that 
installed on a new macintosh this morning and actually got the job done was 
Whamb! 1.2, which you can download from http://www.whamb.com in a pretty 
straightforward, user-friendly manner.

To make Whamb! your default player for web links ending in ".m3u" --

- control-click on, for instance, one of the "56K" links on our home page 
--http://seattle.indymedia.org/ -- and select Download Link to Disk from the 
resulting pop-up menu

- find the downloaded .m3u file, for instance by clicking on the magnifying 
glass next to the new entry in the Downloads box on the screen

- control-click on the .m3u file and select "Get Info" from the pop-up menu

- in the new info box, click on the arrow next to "Open with"

- from the newly exposed menu, select Whamb!

- click on the button immediately below, labeled "Use this application to 
open all documents like this. [Change All ...]"

- From now on, clicking on links ending in ".mp3.m3u" or ".ogg.m3u" should 
open Whamb! and play the streams the links refer to

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