[icecast] icecast and browsers

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Apr 28 01:04:36 UTC 2003

e b <alibuuby at yahoo.com> said:

> Hello,
>    I am writing to hopefully get some info about how
> different browsers handle icecast2.
>   I am administering an indymedia site (santa
> cruz,ca.)
> We are on a server which uses icecast2 but are having
> different results when, for example, an mp3
> (audio/mpeg) is played with IE6 vs. E5 etc., and
> different OS's.(sometimes it streams, sometime it
> doesn't).
>   I have a user who is telling me this is a server
> problem, not a client problem.
>   Is there info on browser compatibility? Is there
> perhaps a problem in what media players are on the
> client computers and how they are configured?

It is very unusual for people to use a streaming media server like icecast
directly from a browser, so we haven't attempted to write up any sort of
compatibility list.

I very much doubt that this is a server problem - but if you can give any
evidence that it is, let us know so we can look into it.


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