[icecast] capturing sound from /dev/dsp

Geoff Shang gshang at uq.net.au
Wed Apr 16 08:10:04 UTC 2003

Hi Mitchell:

A lot of newer soundcards these days will let you capture what you're
hearing.  Notably, the SB Live cards will do this, but I know there are
others.  You invoke this by, I think (because I haven't got one), capturing
the master output.  I think some might also let you capture wave output
too, not sure.  If you've not got one of these cards, you might be able to
use something like vsound (sorry, don't have a URL for it) to intercept the
sound on the way to the soundcard.  This would require all your audio to
come from one application though, and I don't know if you could then stream
it in realtime.  hmmm.  Ok, maybe not.  Just brainstorming here.   And of
course, if all that fails, you could simply plug a cable from your line
output and bring it in through your line input and capture that.  If you do
this though, be extremely careful to make sure your line in playback is
muted or else you'll get a beautiful signal loop.  Also, if you do have an
older card, some (notably SB16-based cards) will not to 16-bit full duplex.
so if you try to do this, you'll either be recording or playing in 8-bit.


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