[icecast] cannot get icecast and ices totalk...authenticationfailed

Luke Stodola minus273point16c at fastmail.fm
Fri Apr 11 00:39:55 UTC 2003

> You might run into trouble if you plan on playing the same stream in
> more than one room coming from a non-wired (audio cables) source.  When
> it's all wired (speaker wire, RCA, digital) there is no (apparent)
> latency.  If you are playing the same stream on two different computers,
> even in your ethernet wired home network, they won't be totally sync'd
> up.  Latency on a wireless network is even more apparent.  Of course
> 256Kbs is pretty fast and I haven't tried doing it with this speed, so
> the clients may stay "together" for longer, but there is no garuantee
> they will stay in sync for any amount of time.
> Of course, none of this matters if the rooms are far enough apart and
> you aren't worried about hearing sound carrying over from one set of
> speakers into another area that is playing the same stream.  The echo
> delay can get really annoying and unbearable otherwise.
> Todd

Is there some way to keep two listeners synchronized?  I'm thinking NTP +
some time-code metadata that the server puts into the stream every so
often (sent-at or play-at).  Then the player would buffer the audio
enough that both play more or less in sync.  Anybody played with this


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