[icecast] WinAmp3 & Icecast2 compatibility?

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Mon Nov 18 13:47:25 PST 2002

At 05:57 PM 11/18/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Jesper Johnson wrote:
>>Hello folks
>>I'm having trouble playing ogg streams with WinAmp3. I run Icecast2 &
>>(both compiled from CVS about two weeks ago) on a Linux box, the files
>>being streamed were encoded with oggenc (from oggutils1.0, managed
>>80kbitrate...) The problem is that WinAmp3 won't actually play the .ogg
>>stream. When I give it the URL (http://myserver:8000/mount.ogg) it says
>>"connecting" then "prebuffering done" and finally it'll display the
>>mountpoint filename plus the correct bitrate info -- but no audio! WinAmp3
>>plays the same ogg files fine from a local hard drive.
>Weird. I've stuck with Winamp2 because it works! :)
>I bet Oddsock knows whats wrong....
yep, vorbis streams are majorly broken with the current Winamp3....playing 
files works, just not streaming...



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