[icecast] WinAmp3 & Icecast2 compatibility?

Jesper Johnson jesper.johnson at welho.com
Mon Nov 18 17:34:23 UTC 2002

Hello folks

I'm having trouble playing ogg streams with WinAmp3. I run Icecast2 & Ices2
(both compiled from CVS about two weeks ago) on a Linux box, the files
being streamed were encoded with oggenc (from oggutils1.0, managed
80kbitrate...) The problem is that WinAmp3 won't actually play the .ogg
stream. When I give it the URL (http://myserver:8000/mount.ogg) it says
"connecting" then "prebuffering done" and finally it'll display the
mountpoint filename plus the correct bitrate info -- but no audio! WinAmp3
plays the same ogg files fine from a local hard drive.

Also, I tried Zinf for Windows, it can play the stream correctly -- but
stops after each song, leaving lines like "DBUG source/source_main Client
had recoverable error 11" accompanied by a "DBUG source/source_main Client
had recoverable error 11" in the icecast error log. 

The only players I've managed to get to work perfectly with the stream were
ogg123 and XMMS on Linux. But I need a player for Windows, so this is kinda
bugging me. Does anyone have a clue how to get WinAmp3 to work --- or
should it work out-of-the-box without the hassle I've got myself into?
What've I missed? ;-) 

Thanks in advance! I'm eagerly waiting for the full docs on ice(s)/cast2 :-P

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