[icecast] Freedomaudio player

Leo Currie leo.currie at strath.ac.uk
Wed Nov 13 20:17:27 UTC 2002

Karl Heyes wrote:

> Well assuming a pure clock change, a change of 10 secs could cause an
> extended sleep period in which icecast could drop the connection. In
> this case increasing the source-timeout is not the right solution as
> a 10 second gap in audio streaming is really bad! A simple log message 
> could help track those type of problems. If the
> sleep is over say 2 seconds then show warning. hmmm patch brewing!!.

Hmm. Well, it ran fine again for 14+ hours, but then - blammo.
I got nothing from my ices log (stupid stupid me had loglevel set to 
only 3..)
but icecast said: "Disconnecting source due to socket read error: Broken 
I have put debug logging on, so I'll wait and see.

> The send_raw one fixes the busy loop problem, and the ices patch
> prevents excessive memory usage and few seg vaults that had shown up.

<p>Sorry this is such a newbie question but i'm not sure if I applied the 
patch correctly:
Suppose my current directory is where i put the files from cvs, so i 
have a sub-directory called ices, and one called libshout. I also have 
those patches in this directory.
Do i just do: 'patch -p4 <send_raw.diff' ?



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