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Karl Heyes karl at pts.tele2.co.uk
Wed Nov 13 20:46:36 UTC 2002

On 2002.11.13 20:17 Leo Currie wrote:

> Hmm. Well, it ran fine again for 14+ hours, but then - blammo.
> I got nothing from my ices log (stupid stupid me had loglevel set to only 
> 3..)
> but icecast said: "Disconnecting source due to socket read error: Broken 
> pipe"
> I have put debug logging on, so I'll wait and see.

broken pipe messages are typical of the other end closing the connection.
As to whats happening in this case it's hard to say at the moment. If
icecast is reporting this, check the ices.log as well.

I've attached a patch that will log a warning if the sleep is over 2
secs which indicates something is really wrong.  It doesn't change any
functionality but will help identification in certain cases.

> Sorry this is such a newbie question but i'm not sure if I applied the 
> patch correctly:
> Suppose my current directory is where i put the files from cvs, so i have 
> a sub-directory called ices, and one called libshout. I also have those 
> patches in this directory.
> Do i just do: 'patch -p4 <send_raw.diff' ?

just cd into say ices and patch -p1 < send_raw.diff, similar sort of
thing with the libshout directory.  You'll get failure messages if it
isn't right.


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