[icecast] Re [ogg]

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Wed Nov 13 07:37:32 UTC 2002

Raymond wrote:
> Does Apache stream ogg/vorbis format files?
> For instance I use icecast to stream because of the quality and its
> dependability in maintaining a connection druing playing.
> Like with mp3 files and icecast I can have many many files available as
> links that open nicely into a player like WinAmp or real or xmms.
> If Apache streams ogg/vobis I'll certianly use it but I didn't think it
> had that capability. When I click on an ogg/vorbis file link in an
> Apache web directory the damn thing just tries to download. For
> downloads I always use Apache but maybe they have come out with a
> streaming ogg/vorbis Apache server.

Of course, because browsers don't play .ogg files. If you enter your
Icecast2 streaming URL into a browser, it'd try to download it, too.
Enter the URL in Winamp and it'll play/stream just fine.

To prevent that, create an .m3u file - it's a simple text file,
containing one line with the URL to the .ogg you want to stream on
demand. The browser will download the .m3u, pass it to the associated
player, e.g. Winamp, which will then stream the actual .ogg. This works
identical to MP3s.

Today's players mostly rely on file extensions to determine the file
type. That means the extension ".ogg" is more or less always required,
both in stream mountpoints and filenames. However, if you want to do it
right and give working clients a chance, add

application/x-ogg	ogg

to your webserver's mime.types and/or

0	string	OggS	application/x-ogg

to its MIME magic file.

The proper entry in httpd.conf would be something like

AddDescription "Ogg Multimedia" .ogg

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