[icecast] Red Hat patch kills streaming

Kerry Cox kjcox at quasi.ksl.com
Fri May 24 15:53:34 UTC 2002

Has anyone else seen this? I patched my Red Hat box yesterday with the
Red Hat 2.4.18-4 kernel patch. It was fine until I rebooted and then the
new kernel failed. It still came up with the old kernel. No biggee, we
were in a blackout time anyway since we are not allowed to stream
certain national broadcasts, so I re-installed just to try out something
I patched the kernel with all the updates, THEN installed icecast, lame
and MuSE. No luck. No streaming. It took sndconfig a couple tries to
find the card, but then it played sound no problem. Played some MP3s to
So I did another quick re-install to see if I was crazy and without
patching the kernel, icecast, lame and MuSE fired right up. No problem.
Came out of the blackout streaming.
I am using the es1371 module for sound, or the Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI
1371 card.
The box is an AMD Athlon 1800 with 512 megs of RAM. Pretty generic. Has
anyone else seen this? Would this justify a bug report to the Red Hat
guys or could it be icecast? Thanks.

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