[icecast] Newbie playing with php

Luiz Claudio Duarte lclaudius at luiz.claudio.nom.br
Fri Mar 29 18:19:49 UTC 2002

Also sprach Bolt Thrower:
> On Fri, Mar 29, 2002 at 03:00:35PM -0300, Luiz Claudio Duarte wrote:
> > Hi, folks. I've installed icecast 1.3.11 and I'm very happy with
> > it. But I'd like to add a "now playing" gizmo to my home page;
> > can anyone point me to a php script or something else that does
> > the trick? Thanks in advance.
> Two approaches.  The first is to parse the cue file that ices
> generates.  On my system at least, the artist and song constitute
> the last two lines of said cue file.  The location of this file is
> set in your ices.conf file.
> Another approach is to write a perl handler for ices.  in the
> ices_perl_get_next() function, insert the chosen song info into a
> database table.  Then write a PHP script to select from that table.

Ok. I'm using shout and not ices (I couldn't get it to compile; I'm
using FreeBSD and can't code C worth a damn), so the second approach
will not work. But I can write a parsing script (I had'n thought of
the cue file), so I'll be trying that.

I had thought of querying the server itself for the title information;
clients do this, right? In this way I could get this info for an
external server.

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