[icecast] icecast "dump" suggestions (archiving)?

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Mon Mar 18 07:43:28 UTC 2002

Ethan wrote:
> Anyone have any suggestions for automating archiving? I have a stream that
> will connect to the server every morning at 5am and be kill'ed at
> 10am. I'd like to record this every day... is there any suggested
> solution? I'd have to setup a script to telnet in and start a dump
> command, and I don't know if that would easily be possible without parsing
> out the stream ID (Which is random on every connect).

are you using icecast 1.x or icecast 2? icecast 1.x supports a remote 
dump feature: the stream will be dumped to a file on the server side. 
Unfortunately icecast 2 does not support such a thing.

> I am using darkice as the feed (FreeBSD host with 3 PCI sound cards,
> thanks to the people on this list -- working great).

darkice supports the local dump feature by now (since version 0.8). so 
you can save your stream into a file on the encoder side.

Then you can set a cron job at 10:05 to copy the saved dump file to your 


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