[icecast] soundblaster live noise

Philipp Flesch philipp at phflesch.de
Thu Jun 13 21:45:14 UTC 2002

it's a problem of double grounded components ... I'll post when a solution!

<p><p>Robin Blanchard wrote:

> I had a similar problem...
> I updated our radio server to a new box and a SB Live and ran into all
> sorts of audio problems. I took the sound card (es1371) from the old box
> and swapped out the SB Live and the problems went away.
> I think the problem is with fbsd's sb live driver.
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>>From: jim [mailto:bikepunx at impop.bellatlantic.net]
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>>Subject: [icecast] soundblaster live noise
>>i have a clean signal going into my soundblaster live card and am
>>getting what seems like a grounding issue type of noise on my stream?
>>does anyone know of any fixes for this.  im running the newest
>>icecast and version of darkice on a freeBSD system.
>>any help would be rad

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