[icecast] Switch to static file when stream unavailable...

Chris Riddell criddell at adelphia.net
Thu Jan 10 03:37:08 UTC 2002

I've combed through the archives and can't really find an answer to this.

Essentially, I'm trying to set-up streaming for a college radio station. 
There are several programs which are syndicated that we apparently can't 
rebroadcast.  The easiest thing that came to mind was setting up a cron job 
to shut down liveice at the appropriate time, swap index pages on the web 
server making the link to stream unavailable, then switch back and re-start 
liveice later.

Instead of listeners who try to connect directly using a client during this 
time getting a 404 error, I was hoping to get icecast to default to a static 
mp3 when no encoder is connected.  I've tried getting liveice to restart and 
feed icecast a playlist of this one file, but, because it's so short (6 
secs), I think, I get "error syncing mpeg" on winamp or connection time-outs 
on xmms, most of the time... unless I restart liveice in curses mode which 
seems to work for reasons unknown to me...

Any ideas?  Thanks!


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