[Re: [icecast] icecast2 ??]

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Mon Dec 30 15:58:10 UTC 2002

> Give me access to icecast.org and I will. Otherwise, are you asking me
> (or others) to go ahead and hijack the project, or to take all of the code
> and call it something else? Aside from a few minor problems (an occassional
> crash in ices and icecast not cleaning up properly during shutdown from an
> suid'd run), I don't really have many problems with icecast1. The directory
> servers don't appear to be working very well, but it's not a problem with
> the client, apparently. I'll be happy to update the web page, however, and
> I'll even include icecast2 status if some developers want to give me a
> high-level progress report. If no one is willing to offer me or anyone else
> this access, then replies like yours are just trolls.

If we _had_ this access, we could. As has been explained repeatedly, we don't. 
Yes, we can take a slash-and-burn approach and just remove all the content on 
the website (which is the plan once the new website is ready), but we can't 
update it. 

What is _neccesary_ if icecast 1.x is going to continue is a maintainer, not 
just someone who can write a couple of paragraphs on a website.

If you want to do that - take over maintaining icecast 1.x, we can organise 
website access once the new website is up so that you can add appropriate 
sections on the old version.


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