[Re: [icecast] icecast2 ??]

Dale Ghent daleg at elemental.org
Mon Dec 30 16:10:10 UTC 2002

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, Aaron Gaudio wrote:

| Give me access to icecast.org and I will. Otherwise, are you asking me
| (or others) to go ahead and hijack the project, or to take all of the code
| and call it something else? Aside from a few minor problems (an occassional
| crash in ices and icecast not cleaning up properly during shutdown from an
| suid'd run), I don't really have many problems with icecast1. The directory
| servers don't appear to be working very well, but it's not a problem with
| the client, apparently. I'll be happy to update the web page, however, and
| I'll even include icecast2 status if some developers want to give me a
| high-level progress report. If no one is willing to offer me or anyone else
| this access, then replies like yours are just trolls.

Vitriol aside, I'm with Aaron on this, and would be happy to lend my time
and resources to further the project on a few fronts (web
site/support/code), for both icecast 1.x and 2.x.

As for the website: Jack Moffit is still the tech/admin contact for the
icecast.org domain. Is Jack still associated with the xiph.org project?
icecast.org DNS is being served by xiph.org name servers, could the IPs be
repointed to a new server for the site?

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