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Sun Dec 29 13:57:42 UTC 2002

Akos Maroy wrote:
> > http://www.xiph.org/~msmith/
> > This has been said before.
> This is no good. This is by far not the first time someone has pointed
> out, that icecast2 is not mentioned _anywhere_ where one would expect to
> find it. By this I mean locations like icecast.org, freshmeat.net, etc.
> I wonder how people start to hear about icecast2. But when they do, the
> _only_ way to find the actual software is to come to this list and ask.

Well, the way I see it, icecast.org is some zombie webserver that nobody
really has access to any more, or other really time intense steps have
to be taken to do something. Since there's no nearly current note on
icecast.org about anything, I suppose putting that little note up would
equal the complete fixing of icecast.org. It's a matter of time that can
only be spent by 1-2 people or so (iirc), and they don't have it. This
is an unfortunate situation, but it has nothing to do with "secrecy" or
any other bad intentions, I'm really sure about that.

> It was mentioned earlier, that icecast 1.x os no longer being developed,
> that it is obsolete, etc. Thus it is a dead project. But is it replaced

I don't agree to the obsolete part, but the rest is simply true.
Icecast, as the world knows it, *is* dead. Icecast2 is a new,
independent program, as Mike already pointed out.

> I also find it a very lazy excuse to say that icecast2 is still in
> development, thus it is not mentioned anywhere. As Linus has said:
> "release early, release often". Why not make 0.x releases to the public?

Uhmm well, that's what CVS access and Mike's alpha1 release is for.
Sure, it's annoying not to have a prominent place for those tarballs...
anyways, literate people can already figure out that there's something
like Icecast2 by using Google (e.g. by searching for "streaming ogg
vorbis", w/o quotes). Results include CVS checkout and installation
instructions by Ciaran Anscomb within the first 4 hits. If you care only
about MP3 streaming, Icecast1 does a good job - so what is this
"obsolete" stuff about anyways?

> Or is this just a reasoning to cover the lack of will to make icecast2
> final?

Blah, you're making unfair assumptions ... besides, a few hours ago,
Mike committed changes/fixes to Icecast2/Ices2/Libshout2 again.

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