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gtgbr at gmx.net gtgbr at gmx.net
Sun Dec 29 03:10:33 UTC 2002

Aaron Gaudio wrote:
> Where is it released? Telling me I have to set up cvs to download


This has been said before.

> > I never said that it's a final release, I said "alpha release". It's not
> Then how is it a replacement for icecast1? How is a fully released
> icecast1 obsoleted by an alpha release?

Who said Icecast2 is a replacement? -2 can do most things -1 can do, so
maybe -2's different features are better for you? Use -2 then. It isn't?
Use -1. Or Shoutcast. Or Realmedia's Helix. Or whatever else there is.

> > There's no directory server supporting Icecast2 servers.
> Fine. Another feature missing from icecast2.

Icecast2 is not a directory server.

> directory servers, and icecast1 can do it. I presume icecast2 is
> planning on supporting it. Of course, I don't know, because there's
> no way for me to find out exactly what icecast2 can do without
> fishing through mailing list archives, or taking the time to

See above, it's in your inbox. The first reply you got by Geoff
contained that URL. I hope that files in the public_html directory of
the Icecast2 main developer are official enough.

> download it via cvs, run it, and futz with it myself. Is that the

Yes. You have to install Icecast2 by yourself. If that's too difficult
for you and you need Icecast2, pay someone to do it for you. Me pasting
the URL above was free.

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