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Aaron Gaudio prothonotar at tarnation.dyndns.org
Sun Dec 29 01:08:34 UTC 2002

Behold, gtgbr at gmx.net hath decreed:
> Dale Ghent wrote:
> > Icecast2 is icecast2. I'm talking about it's lack of innovation (ogg
> > streaming! woopdefuckingdoo) as well as it's lack of functionality that
> > doesnt even near icecast 1.x (yp, acls, metadata, web-based admin).
> Apparently, you haven't tried Icecast2-alpha, yet.

So... we have to try an alpha version of unreleased (an apparently,
unmentionable [anywhere but here]) software in order for it to achieve
a modicum of the functionality of the previous version of the software,
which is now obsolete? Something's rotten in the state of Denmark...

>YP should work on
> Icecast2's side, but my understanding is that the current directory
> servers don't support it yet. Or I'm wrong and it works - I really
> should try this. Metadata works for a long time now, ACLs are missing
> (but you can get around most issues via tcpwrappers), don't know about
> web-based admin (either it's there, or will be there soon, plus there's
> a lot that can be done by the source client). In addition to that, it
> supports chroot() and ch[g,u]id()ing for additional security. And yes,
> Vorbis streaming is innovative, you just don't care.

I think his point was Vorbis streaming itself is not all that 
interesting from the perspective of someone with a collection of
mp3s who wants to stream music.

> > Tell me, in the past year, where exactly HAS icecast gone? Absolutely
> > no-where. Don't throw this Cathedral and the Bazaar crap around as a
> It has gone from something that takes Vorbis and spits it out, while
> doing not much else, to something useful.

What does it do? Where is the feature description? Do I have to run
it to figure out what it is supposed to do? How am I supposed to even
know that icecast2 streams vorbis without searching archives for
arguments like this thread?


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