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gtgbr at gmx.net gtgbr at gmx.net
Sun Dec 29 03:10:39 UTC 2002

Aaron Gaudio wrote:
> > Dale Ghent wrote:
> > > Icecast2 is icecast2. I'm talking about it's lack of innovation (ogg
> > > streaming! woopdefuckingdoo) as well as it's lack of functionality that
> > > doesnt even near icecast 1.x (yp, acls, metadata, web-based admin).
> > Apparently, you haven't tried Icecast2-alpha, yet.
> So... we have to try an alpha version of unreleased (an apparently,
> unmentionable [anywhere but here]) software in order for it to achieve

Dale described Icecast2 as it was before Mike much time working on it.

> I think his point was Vorbis streaming itself is not all that
> interesting from the perspective of someone with a collection of
> mp3s who wants to stream music.

I also answered that before - Vorbis offers significant quality
improvements at low bitrates, even if the source is MP3. Apart from
that, compare streaming royalties of Vorbis with those on
http://www.mp3licensing.com/royalty/emd.html (in case you're a

> What does it do? Where is the feature description? Do I have to run
> it to figure out what it is supposed to do? How am I supposed to even
> know that icecast2 streams vorbis without searching archives for
> arguments like this thread?

You know, trying out Icecast2 would've revealed more details than this
whole thread and any abstract feature list on a web site. It'd have been
faster than this discussion, too.

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