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gtgbr at gmx.net gtgbr at gmx.net
Sat Dec 28 20:34:27 UTC 2002

Aaron Gaudio wrote:
> Ah, herein lies the problem. If the icecast maintainers believe the
> mp3 community to be "neEdy/ outmoded user bases", then they are not
> interested in the user base, only themselves. Fair enough, then put

Well, I think saying that Xiph.org doesn't care about its users at all
is too harsh. On the other hand, there's some truth in this, and I
highly appreciate it. If you want to stick to MP3, Icecast1 is for you -
nobody forces you to use it (or not), and you're also free to use
something else. Xiph.org, i.e. Jack Moffitt, made it for themselves a
few years ago and people found it useful. Now they're working on
something better. Why complain? If they'd care about every single user
wish, they'd get nothing done.

If other users tell you that you suck because you use Icecast1, ignore
them. We're talking technology, not religion. If getting free support
for Icecast1 is harder than getting help with Icecast2, it's because
more people on this list are interested in Icecast2. I heard Xiph.org
will gladly refund what you paid for Icecast1 support if you're not
satisfied. It's not Xiph.org's job to advocate their stuff either. If
you like something they made, tell others about it. If you don't, tell
others, too (if you care) ... just stick to facts in any case.

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