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Aaron Gaudio prothonotar at tarnation.dyndns.org
Sun Dec 29 01:21:47 UTC 2002

Behold, gtgbr at gmx.net hath decreed:

> Well, I think saying that Xiph.org doesn't care about its users at all
> is too harsh. On the other hand, there's some truth in this, and I
> highly appreciate it. If you want to stick to MP3, Icecast1 is for you -
> nobody forces you to use it (or not), and you're also free to use
> something else. Xiph.org, i.e. Jack Moffitt, made it for themselves a
> few years ago and people found it useful. Now they're working on
> something better. Why complain? If they'd care about every single user
> wish, they'd get nothing done.

My complaint is not what Jack Moffitt or anyone else chooses to spend
their free time working on. My complaint is the complete lack of any
kind of notice about icecast2, in light of the continuing (albeit
out of date) existence of information on icecast1, including how
to download it and install it, from icecast.org. That, coupled with
an obvious disdain for icecast1 on this mailing list (which is, after
all, the user support mailing list). The only reply that seems to be
meeted out is "go get icecast2". Oh yeah? Well icecast2 does not seem
to be ready to replace icecast1. So if it is not replacing icecast1,
then why so much disdain for icecast1 users on this list?

> If other users tell you that you suck because you use Icecast1, ignore
> them. We're talking technology, not religion. If getting free support
> for Icecast1 is harder than getting help with Icecast2, it's because
> more people on this list are interested in Icecast2. I heard Xiph.org
> will gladly refund what you paid for Icecast1 support if you're not
> satisfied. It's not Xiph.org's job to advocate their stuff either. If
> you like something they made, tell others about it. If you don't, tell
> others, too (if you care) ... just stick to facts in any case.

So xiph.org is not in any way interested in developing projects that
are useful to people? So can I take that to imply that the Ogg projects,
the Paranoia projects, etc. are simply academic exercises, and the
developers on them aren't interested in knowing whether or not they
work for anyone else, or what anyone else might be interested in
getting to work? That's good to know. Not the best way to convince
me and others to put time and effort into any of those projects, so
thanks, you may have saved me some time and effort.


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