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Aaron Gaudio prothonotar at tarnation.dyndns.org
Sat Dec 28 19:06:23 UTC 2002

Behold, Adon Irani <adon at YorkU.CA> hath decreed:
> the icecast2 developers be guilt-tripped into repeating icecast's
> performance ?
> _ is it not enough that OGG can have a streaming server that supports it ?

Perhaps, if that is the only requirement to have a fully-functional
streamer. Unfortunately, I believe this is not sufficient for the
user base. So, if the developers are interested in providing something
that other people want to use, then it is not enough.

> can't that feature base be developed and stabalized prior to prettyin' up
> the package w/ features from the original icecast ?

Yes, it certainly can. But don't call the feature base released. Call
it a work in progress (an alpha, in other words).

> another question -- who do you think develops these things ??  go read
> "Cathedral and the Bazaar" somewhere on the web or in a bo0kstore near you
> . .  don't expect everything , and you won't have to deal w/ sh*t/rushed
> c0de . allow a project to develop into its own niche , and i do believe
> strongly that OGG/vorbis does indeed merit the attention .

The argument is not that icecast2 needs everything right now. It is
only that until icecast2 has all the features meant for release, it
should not be considered released. In that case, it is still under
development, and the previously released version (icecast1 so far) is
the current stable version. Those who are willing to give up the
features not yet implemented in icecast2 in order to stream vorbis, can
use the devel version. Those who don't need to stream vorbis can 
continue using the stable version. There is not a good rationality for
considering icecast1 replaced and obsolete if icecast2 is still lacking
in features and/or not tested enough.

> , and if you need MP3 _ weLL , be creative .  use icecast2 AND icecast on
> another port (i think this is possible ) . OR , offer OGG live-streams ,
> and OGG / mp3 (batch converted from .OGG ) for the on-demand programming .

But if icecast1 is "obsolete" then why advocate using it at all?

> .
> and pLease , PLEASE __ open your mind to a world that is bigger than
> proprietary technologies , and neEdy/ outmoded user bases . .

Ah, herein lies the problem. If the icecast maintainers believe the
mp3 community to be "neEdy/ outmoded user bases", then they are not
interested in the user base, only themselves. Fair enough, then put
up a disclaimer and stop responding to users. Call it a research 
project. Let someone else handle maintaining and distributing a package 
that people actually want to use. 


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