[Re: [icecast] icecast2 ??]

Adon Irani adon at YorkU.CA
Sat Dec 28 20:00:19 UTC 2002

> Right now, it's essentially a daemon that takes in a data stream and spits
> it back out. And does absolutely nothing else. I'm sorry, but past
> precedents and the state of streaming technology today dictates that it do
> more than that to be considered useful.

nothing else ?  i've got it to do l0ts !  and i must say , i've had
horrible luck w/ the icecast live-streaming clients . icecast2 has ices2
which has been VERY stable for me . so much so that i am willing to switch
. this may not be your experience .  .

> Tell me, in the past year, where exactly HAS icecast gone? Absolutely
> no-where. Don't throw this Cathedral and the Bazaar crap around as a
> cop-out. If this were a serious project, then the maintainer (if there
> even is someone with that hat on) should look for more enthusiastic people
> to take icecast2 forward. Because right now, no matter what open-source
> ideaology you toss around, icecast2 is stagnant, underdevelopped, and
> underpromoted.

my throw-ins weren't meant as a cop-out . ,  rather , my point is that the
developers have lives ; exams ; and other responsibilities .
C&B bit suggests that you give what you can , if others are enthusiastic ,
great . .   if not , well, the developers have given what they can . who
are you to make demands on their time ?  if you feel the c0de po0l is
stagnant , go elsewhere _  OR , offer some c0de updates

> Put down the crack pipe, dude. My mind is open. I DO use icecast. I DO NOT
> want to use shoutcast/live365. As for audio formats, there are abosolutely
> no reasons for me to move to OGG, becase icecast2 does not allow me to
> provide the same service and experience to my users as streaming mp3s with
> icecast 1.x does.
> I WOULD love nothing more than to move to OGG once the adequate server
> features are in place, and time allows me to re-encode approx. 5000 tracks
> of music. But I'm not going to reduce my useablitiy and server functions
> at my disposal for the sake of OGG itself.

fyi ; icecast2 on-demand streaming (fileserve) DOES support mp3 , you can
see it in work at http://theDV8network.com .
_ i use icecast2 because OGG has better sound quality , and i've had
better experience w/ ices2 live-streamer . if you are not live re-encoding
than you wouldn't have had to go through the 6 week binge i did , setting
up the system . but all this is irrelavant , the point is : : (as it says
in the README ) _ icecast2 is stable for the services it provides ; and
imho , more stable for live re-encoding .

<p>> As for "needy/outmoded user bases", you definitely have no finger on the
> pulse of reality in the streaming audio world. Right now, OGG is only an
> alternative for those who have zero interest in serving streaming music.

this may have beEn somewhat harsh , but i'll clarify .  i don't think that
MP3-support represents a 'neEdy/outm0ded' user base,  what i do mean is
: make the most of what is freely offered , and if you don't feel that
icecast2 serves you , then find something else . but don't come back to
this listserv and suggest that the project is misplaced or not useful !
,so by saying 'needy/outm0ded' i was referring to the authors of this
recent rash of ice2 flames .


btw : please stop cluttering this listserv (myself included) with
rants about what should and shouldn't be . .
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