[Re: [icecast] icecast2 ??]

Dale Ghent daleg at elemental.org
Sat Dec 28 19:39:46 UTC 2002

On Sat, 28 Dec 2002, Adon Irani wrote:

| woah do0d . that's a crackp0t theory if i ever heard one .,
| i'll offer an alternate theory . KiSS - keEp it simple sir ;  why should
| the icecast2 developers be guilt-tripped into repeating icecast's
| performance ?

Icecast2 is icecast2. I'm talking about it's lack of innovation (ogg
streaming! woopdefuckingdoo) as well as it's lack of functionality that
doesnt even near icecast 1.x (yp, acls, metadata, web-based admin).

Right now, it's essentially a daemon that takes in a data stream and spits
it back out. And does absolutely nothing else. I'm sorry, but past
precedents and the state of streaming technology today dictates that it do
more than that to be considered useful.

| _ is it not enough that OGG can have a streaming server that supports it ?
| can't that feature base be developed and stabalized prior to prettyin' up
| the package w/ features from the original icecast ?
| another question -- who do you think develops these things ??  go read
| "Cathedral and the Bazaar" somewhere on the web or in a bo0kstore near you
| . .  don't expect everything , and you won't have to deal w/ sh*t/rushed
| c0de . allow a project to develop into its own niche , and i do believe
| strongly that OGG/vorbis does indeed merit the attention .

Tell me, in the past year, where exactly HAS icecast gone? Absolutely
no-where. Don't throw this Cathedral and the Bazaar crap around as a
cop-out. If this were a serious project, then the maintainer (if there
even is someone with that hat on) should look for more enthusiastic people
to take icecast2 forward. Because right now, no matter what open-source
ideaology you toss around, icecast2 is stagnant, underdevelopped, and

| and pLease , PLEASE __ open your mind to a world that is bigger than
| proprietary technologies , and neEdy/ outmoded user bases . .

Put down the crack pipe, dude. My mind is open. I DO use icecast. I DO NOT
want to use shoutcast/live365. As for audio formats, there are abosolutely
no reasons for me to move to OGG, becase icecast2 does not allow me to
provide the same service and experience to my users as streaming mp3s with
icecast 1.x does.

I WOULD love nothing more than to move to OGG once the adequate server
features are in place, and time allows me to re-encode approx. 5000 tracks
of music. But I'm not going to reduce my useablitiy and server functions
at my disposal for the sake of OGG itself.

As for "needy/outmoded user bases", you definitely have no finger on the
pulse of reality in the streaming audio world. Right now, OGG is only an
alternative for those who have zero interest in serving streaming music.

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