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Aaron Gaudio prothonotar at tarnation.dyndns.org
Mon Dec 30 15:45:40 UTC 2002

Behold, gtgbr at gmx.net hath decreed:
> Aaron Gaudio wrote:
> > > Icecast1
> > > developement is no more. Icecast 1.3.12 also exists only because of a
> > > serious security issue - without that, this version wouldn't exist.
> > Maybe that's the case. If so, it's a sad state of affairs. If there just
> > aren't volunteers to work on maintaining icecast1 (bugfixes, etc.)
> > then why don't we get a call for help asking for developers who
> > are willing to maintain it-- instead of silence and disdain? If it's
> Because nobody seems to care. Besides, anyone can start his or her own
> project, based on Icecast1. If you're unhappy, do something
> constructive. Being rude those who brought Icecast to you in the first
> place won't get you anywhere.

I don't think I'm being very rude. I think others are being unnecesarily
rude to those still using icecast1 and who would like a little info on things
like directory server status. I think people do care about icecast1. People
do care about icecast.org. Branching off from the main project is always an
option, yes, but why have to revert to it if other alternatives are available?
At the least, I'll be willing to write a news update for icecast.org if someone
wants to tell me how to get it up there. Not having followed the icecast2
development, I can't really talk about what stage it's in, but if some 
developers want to clue me in, I can write a blurb about that too.


prothonotar at tarnation.dyndns.org
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