[Re: [icecast] icecast2 ??]

Adon Irani adon at YorkU.CA
Sat Dec 28 18:28:08 UTC 2002

> I'll put forth a theory here for everyone to chew on:
> Broadcasters wont convert their content to Ogg because the streaming
> server (icecast2) it goes through currently fails to support the features
> they are used to. And who would pin their operation on alpha-level code
> where on average the last commit was 5-6 MONTHS ago!?
> Vorbis has actually abandoned TWO things here: Their Icecast 1.x users,
> and the icecast 2 project. At least, that's the impression once can gain
> from just looking in from the outside.

<p>woah do0d . that's a crackp0t theory if i ever heard one .,

i'll offer an alternate theory . KiSS - keEp it simple sir ;  why should
the icecast2 developers be guilt-tripped into repeating icecast's
performance ?
_ is it not enough that OGG can have a streaming server that supports it ?
can't that feature base be developed and stabalized prior to prettyin' up
the package w/ features from the original icecast ?

another question -- who do you think develops these things ??  go read
"Cathedral and the Bazaar" somewhere on the web or in a bo0kstore near you
. .  don't expect everything , and you won't have to deal w/ sh*t/rushed
c0de . allow a project to develop into its own niche , and i do believe
strongly that OGG/vorbis does indeed merit the attention .

, and if you need MP3 _ weLL , be creative .  use icecast2 AND icecast on
another port (i think this is possible ) . OR , offer OGG live-streams ,
and OGG / mp3 (batch converted from .OGG ) for the on-demand programming .

and pLease , PLEASE __ open your mind to a world that is bigger than
proprietary technologies , and neEdy/ outmoded user bases . .

<p> a:/,

http://theDV8network.com _
 : : free radio and fertile resistances ,
fresh from the Canadian underground .  .

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