[icecast] ogg and mp3

Adon Irani adon at YorkU.CA
Thu Dec 12 21:38:49 UTC 2002

 i'm running a community-radio/ new-media project out of Barrie,
Ontario/Canada . http://theDV8network.com ; free radio and fertile
resistances, fresh from the Canadian underground .

our listeners are not necessarily very technical . . but i've read
Cathedral and the Bazaar , and of course i want to support ogg ( as an
alternative media ). but i don't want to force my listeners into
'installing an ogg player' , i want to offer one mp3 stream for comforts
sake .


my question -- using icecast2/ices2 as the main server ,  what is the best
way to offer an mp3 relay .

ie. can i rename icecast2's 'icecast' to 'icecast2' , install
icecast/liveice to run concurrently ..

or , anyone have luck w/ streamTranscoder ?  looks promising , but it
won't connect to the output stream's server correctly  .

<p>thanks ..

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