[icecast] icecast2/ices2 , 7o minutes and crash

Karl Heyes karl at pts.tele2.co.uk
Wed Dec 11 20:42:17 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 19:50, Adon Irani wrote:
>  hello .,
> i've got icecast2/ices2 (libshout/libao ) compiled/running from cvs .
> everything SEEMS fine . goes for 7o odd minutes , i can listen off my
> laptop , but then it'll disconnect . i'll check the server _ and it has
> crashed,  or at least, my keyboard doesn't work but i can still change
> tty's ??

> this happened after about 2o minutes (i think) when i had it set w/
> 441oo/stereo input / downmix 22o50 reencode output .
> and the logs are untouched .. initialize just fine , but the server craps
> out before they can be updated w/ an error msg .

This sound like some instability of the kernel/X/hardware rather than
ices/icecast.  If by tty's you mean the console then they can switch 
even though processing has stopped as interrupt routines can get
> i'm using ALSA 0.9 debian source-pkg, compiled by myself .. and libao was
> compiled w/ alsa09 and oss-broken-fix . (using 2.2 kernel ) . and my
> system load is below .1 ( VERY fast processor/ lots of memory , so this
> shouldn't be a problem ) _ and this is all local on my hub / no outside IP
> .
> any help would be appreciated ..  i've been trying to get a live 2-stream
> /hi/lo feed for over a month now .  ( liveice doesn't seem to work on my
> machine w/ more than 1 feed ! gh.. and now this ) . and i REALLY don't
> want to go back to winD0ze .

I would check the system logs (/var/log/messages) first for panic
messages, make sure you have decent cooling for fast processors. 
Running something like ices (or any streamer) involves constant CPU use
so heat could be a factor.

Make sure you have a recent kernel for recent hardware, there are always
some subtle bugs that need to be sorted.  The newer athlons for instance
need some tweaks for reliability as some BIOSes don't program them
correctly (the usual problem).

Other things to check could be the alsa drivers, check against OSS and
any other recent alsa driver package (www.alsa-project.org).  The X
server can be eliminated by stopping the server (init 3) and just run
ices off the console.

If it still happens then just check what happens to the processes over
that period of time.  vmstat 1 is usually good.  


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