[icecast] icecast2/ices2 , 7o minutes and crash

Adon Irani adon at YorkU.CA
Wed Dec 11 19:50:00 UTC 2002

 hello .,

i've got icecast2/ices2 (libshout/libao ) compiled/running from cvs .
everything SEEMS fine . goes for 7o odd minutes , i can listen off my
laptop , but then it'll disconnect . i'll check the server _ and it has
crashed,  or at least, my keyboard doesn't work but i can still change
tty's ??

this happened after about 2o minutes (i think) when i had it set w/
441oo/stereo input / downmix 22o50 reencode output .

and the logs are untouched .. initialize just fine , but the server craps
out before they can be updated w/ an error msg .

i'm using ALSA 0.9 debian source-pkg, compiled by myself .. and libao was
compiled w/ alsa09 and oss-broken-fix . (using 2.2 kernel ) . and my
system load is below .1 ( VERY fast processor/ lots of memory , so this
shouldn't be a problem ) _ and this is all local on my hub / no outside IP

any help would be appreciated ..  i've been trying to get a live 2-stream
/hi/lo feed for over a month now .  ( liveice doesn't seem to work on my
machine w/ more than 1 feed ! gh.. and now this ) . and i REALLY don't
want to go back to winD0ze .

 thanks ..


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