[icecast] the dummy playlist... chaining a clip to a stream.

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Wed Dec 4 16:00:08 UTC 2002


 I have a question. We run a number of public service audio streams. They
are picking up in popularity, and it would be nice to take some credit
for the bandwidth we are supplying. Lots of people directly linking to us.

 So I would like to attempt to do something that I've seen done with WMA
streams. I would like it so when a listener connects, it plays back a 20
second audio clip announcing who pays for it, then rolls into the real
audio stream.

 Any suggestions? I checked to see if there really was a file for the
dummy playlist that is referenced in links, hoping that I could shove a
pointer to the static served audio announcement first. No go there.

 I realize it presents all sorts of wierd issues, and if people directly
link to the audio stream then it wouldn't work... but is there any way to
accomplish this task?

 It would rock if Icecast supported inserting the audio upon connection,
but I realize there are all sorts of logistics that would be a
nightmare (relay hosts).

                        -- Ethan

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