[icecast] Troubles setting up Shoutcast relay

Warga ext_Zip Marco Marco.Warga.ext_Zip at khe.siemens.de
Wed Dec 4 10:03:46 UTC 2002

Hi !

Well what I basically want to do is set up a local relay in our company for
some popular shoutcast radio streams available on the winamp.com main site.
Right now like 10 or 20 ppl here are listening to basically the same two or
three streams, so thats quite a waste of bandwith.
So I thought there must be some kind of stream relay that would connect as
client to the Shoutcast server and be a server for the local listeners in
the LAN, just copying the stream.
The whole thing had to run on win32 cause we don't have Linux boxes here.

The stream I want to connect to would be i.e.:

<p>OK first I gave the Shoutcast software a try....I set it up as relay but I
quickly figured that theres a relay ip and port option but no relay mount
path option. So how should shoutcast know which mount path to send to the
server ?
Connecting with a client to the shoutcast server did prety much what I
expected...my server connected to the server I specified with the "relay"
options but it couldn't find the stream and got a 404 from the server.

I didn't find solutions for that so I went on and tried Icecast.
Icecast seemed to be just the right thing for me.
Configurable aliases and automatic disconnect from the source stream if
there are no clients connected at all. Sounded fine.
After I set up everything (a prebuild icecast 1.3.12 win32 binary I found)
I tried connected with Winamp to my server and the mount point I had defined
for the relay.
However the server tried to connect to the source stream and nothing
happened. After a while it would time out.

I actually checked the network traffic (with Ethereal) and figured out that
the Icecast server did connect to the Shoutcast stream (tcp connection
established) and sent a complete set of HTTP headers in "x-audiocast"
format, but the Shoutcast server did not reply with any data. 
I compared that set of HTTP headers with the set of headers Winamp sends to
the server when it connects and its _completely_ different.
Winamp seems to use alot of "icy-" headers (I guess thats the problem?). I
heard that Shoutcast servers do not support the x-audiocast format anyway.
Yet Icecast is said to be 100% Shoutcast compatible.
I also tried adding relays with the "relay pull" command directly in the
console and used the -i option and the -m option to secify a local
However when connecting with a client to that mountpoint Icecast didn't seem
to find the mountpoint at all (according to the debug output), although my
relay was indeed in the list you get via "relay list". Sometimes adding or
just listing relays with the "relay" command in the console would even lock
up the Icecast server.
I must be doing something terribly wrong but I can't figure out what. The
Icecast documentation seems to be out of date, and it was a major pain to
even find prebuild win32 binaries of it (I did not even bother with messing
around with the Icecast 1.3 source, it may actually be buildable on Cygwin
or something but that takes *alot of time to set up for me now). I also
found Icecast2 beta sources that seem to be buildable on win32 but there
seems to be absolutely no documentation on how to configure it (i.e. the
shoutcast.xml file). The documentation/faqs/readmes included in the Icecast2
package seems to be just the one in the old Icecast package....

Ok...does anyone of you perhaps know how to get the relaying I want to work
with Shoutcast or Icecast or any other free software I don't know of yet?
Any hint would be *very much appreciated :-)

<p>Thanx alot !!!!


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