[icecast] ices stdinpcm

Karl Heyes karl at pts.tele2.co.uk
Tue Dec 3 00:43:17 UTC 2002

On 2002.12.03 00:11 smoerk wrote:
> I testetd it with winamp2 and ogg123, didn't work. cpu usage was around 
> 30% or 35%. the version is from yesterday.

>                 <input>
>                         <module>stdinpcm</module>
>                         <param name="rate">48000</param>
>                         <param name="channels">2</param>
>                 </input>

Anything unusual in the ices.log. hmmm... Last time I used
stdinpcm I had pretty much the same parameters as it was
from a DAB receiver.  wget -> madplay -> sox -> ices (pipe

This effect you see, buffering, doesn't play then re-buffers.
Does that appear with both players and what happens when it
should be playing, looks to play but no sound or could it
be a disconnection then re-connection.

For the most part it's the same as OSS.  The problem with
with an external PCM source is that it can loose time sync
if the stream stops for anything (like loss of signal).


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