[icecast] ices stdinpcm

smoerk smoerk at gmx.de
Tue Dec 3 00:11:46 UTC 2002

I testetd it with winamp2 and ogg123, didn't work. cpu usage was around 
30% or 35%. the version is from yesterday.

this is my config file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
                         <name>Example stream name</name>
                         <genre>Example genre</genre>
                         <description>A short description</description>
                         <param name="rate">48000</param>
                         <param name="channels">2</param>

<p>Karl Heyes wrote:
> On 2002.12.02 21:46 smoerk wrote:
>> I have problems with the stdinpcm module in ices2. The player fills 
>> its buffer and doen't play anything and fill the buffer again and this 
>> repeats (with winamp). when I download the stream with wget I can play 
>> it from hard disk... is this a common problem with ices2 or do only I 
>> experience this behaviour?
> I've heard of problems with winamp3 but I don't know what effect it has.
> Last time I tried with stdinpcm it was just fine and I don't think there's
> been any changes to it.  Lets us know the winamp version and if you can
> try another player/plugin.  Also give us some idea on what your running
> number of instances, samplerates etc.
> I presume the CPU isn't max'd out (vmstat 1 on unix - us column) and you
> have a recent version from CVS.

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