[icecast] icecast on port 80 NOT as root

Bryan Jay Miller bryan at woxy.com
Thu Aug 22 18:49:40 UTC 2002

Thanks for the tips. I did find a detailed article on how to run Icecast
1.3.x in a chroot jail at incidents.org (actually it's in Google's
cache, couldn't find it on incidents.org site anymore):

It doesn't really solve the problem of running Icecast 1 on a privileged
port as the process would have to chroot *after* binding to the port but
interesting nonetheless.

Moritz - Thanks for the tip on Icecast2. I must have totally overlooked
that Icecast2 does both chroot and setuid... very important features
IMO. I updated my source from CVS and chroot and setuid worked like a
charm. Streaming Vorbis on port 80 right now not running as root.

One question. The <changeowner><user><group> settings are self
explanatory but what about the <chroot> directive. The value in the
default icecast.xml is 0. Does it take an absolute path or boolean value
and then use <basedir> as the chroot value?


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