[icecast] Mount point switch

Mikel Waxler waxor at waxor.com
Sun Aug 18 03:03:52 UTC 2002

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I am writing a web system for running our college radio station and I
need a way of changing what source a clients hears.

We have a radio station that people broadcast live from and script that is
playing random mp3s out of our library. These are sources that are
broadcasting from /live and /jukebox.

When someone is broadcasting from /live and a  user links to
http://server:8000 it needs to attach them to /live.

When /live finishes broadcasting and logs out of the web interface I need
a way to be able to change it so that all new connections go to /jukebox
and have all existing connections switch to /jukebox.

Is there a way or resetting people's connections or could I do this with
some sort of alias? I'm not very icecast savy so bear with me. I'm writing
all this in php, perhaps I could use backticks to pass a command to a

I noticed that phpcast can swap sources, so this must be possible, but the
code is not commented at all and the variable names in clude $p, $m and
such. I've emailed the author asking him about it.

Does anyone have any ideas/thoughs?

HampshireCollege.student("Mikel Waxler");

<p>PS Actually there are 4 streams and we will be using streamripper to
record the live radio shows. The web interface also includes a schedualing
system and calendar. Once the shows have been saved to mp3 people can go
back to the shows date in the calendar and click to play the mp3.

When the system is more functional I will be publishing it on sourceforge
under the GPL.

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