[icecast] intended login protocol for icecast2

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Mon Aug 19 20:13:39 UTC 2002

Michael Smith wrote:
> ICE login is deprecated. I don't intend to remove it in the immediate
> future - but as you may have noticed, the <icelogin> thing isn't documented,
> and that's deliberate.
> HTTP Basic auth is what will be available for beta1, and probably the first
> stable release. HTTP Digest auth is something I'm considering for the
> future - but if that gets added, it'll be optional (so you'll be able to
> configure icecast to require it if you want better security, or just leave
> both available). Login will remain using some form of HTTP authentication,
> however.

I see.

> By the way - a beta1 release of icecast2 is planned for the near future
> (probably in a week or so, depending on testing in the next few days),
> so if you think darkice (assuming I'm remembering correctly and that's
> your client) is stable enough, send me a short (~one sentence) description
> and a URL to include in the list of source clients in the documentation.

It is stable, it only doesn't support HTTP Basic auth at the moment, and 
I won't have any time to add support in the next two weeks. Anyway, it 
works using ICE login, the URL is http://darkice.sourceforge.net/


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