[icecast] Dynamic playlist support

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Fri Sep 14 18:51:46 UTC 2001

> If I do this publicly, I've already researched the royalty situation, 
> etc.  It's not all that complicated in that regard... radio stations 
> already allow callin shows.  This is just a variation.

Online radio is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than on-the-air radio.  You MUST
follow the RIAA guidelines for non-interactive broadcasts for online
radio, and you do not have to follow these for on-the-air radio.

This isn't a simple variation.  There are completely different rules.

For instance, if you fulfill a request, it must be ONE HOUR after the
requrest was made (I _think_).  Not to mention the normal 'can't play y
songs by z in x hours' stuff still applies.

Even the companies that simply let users Fast Forward were getting sued
by the RIAA.

It's a dumb set of rules, a dumb law, and the RIAA is doing a disservice
to artists (especially non-major-label artists) by imposing these rules.
Unfortunately, it's a law, and until we get rid of it, we're fucked.


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