[icecast] a few ices/icecast questions

Brendan Cully brendan at icecast.org
Wed Oct 24 14:17:51 UTC 2001

On Wednesday, 24 October 2001 at 20:24, brian moseley wrote:
> hiya. i'm using ices 0.2.2 with icecast 1.3.10 and otto 1.0
> (a web/db playlist mgmt tool). overall, i'm very pleased
> with the setup, but i'm having a few problems.
> 1) whenever otto plays a track (by exec'ing ices), that same
> track keeps playing over and over. i have to direct otto to
> kill the track (and the ices process) in order to get it to
> play the next track.
> i notice this comment in the source for ottojockeyd (the
> program that actually execs ices):
>     # note: you may need to hack the ices source code so that it will
>     # exit after playing one song (instead of looping forever)
> is there any real way to tell make ices play a single track
> from its playlist and then exit? or do i truly have to
> modify the source? if so, what's the right place to make the
> change?

You should search the archives for 'otto' to see a good summary of your
options here. Running ices to read from a FIFO and having ottojockeyd
simply cat each song to that fifo should work fine.

> 2) at any given time, there are two identical ices
> processes:
> root     29336  0.0  1.6  3096 1012 pts/2    S<   20:11
> 0:00 /usr/bin/ices -s -S builtin -h localhost -p 8001 -P
> xxxxxx -n Nirvana Jukebox -u -m / -F
> /tmp/playlist.1
> root     29339  0.0  1.6  3096 1012 pts/2    S<   20:11
> 0:00 /usr/bin/ices -s -S builtin -h localhost -p 8001 -P
> xxxxxx -n Nirvana Jukebox -u -m / -F
> /tmp/playlist.1
> does ices fork or something? if not, maybe otto is keeping
> two alive for some reason. maybe if the ices processes were
> exiting after playing a single track re above, i wouldn't
> see this.

ices is threaded. Presumably one of those processes is the metadata
update thread.

> 3) whenever i have the system play tracks encoded at 160,
> they sound great. but when one of my few 224 tracks is
> played, it's majorly skippy and crap. from my reading of the
> icecast and ices manuals, it seems that they will just
> stream at the file's bitrate if reencoding is not configured
> (i have not). so what could be wrong?

icecast 1.3.10 had some problems with bitrates higher than 160. You
might want to try 1.3.11, which had a fix specifically for this.

> 4) what clients support title streaming?

on which platforms? I think just about everything but mpg123 does these
days, but xmms does have some bugs in shoutcast-style streaming which
may cause it to chew up the stream after a while. I sent in a
bug-report and a half-assed patch to bugs.xmms.org about this...


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