[icecast] a few ices/icecast questions

Brendan Cully brendan at icecast.org
Wed Oct 24 14:13:58 UTC 2001

On Wednesday, 24 October 2001 at 08:12, Robin P. Blanchard wrote:
> I've been through this on the list a while back. Unfortunately what you
> are asking is not possible, nor are the authors of ices interested in
> solving your problem :) I'd recommend ices-0.0.1.beta5.tar.gz (as
> recommended by otto's author) and seeing otto/misc/icecast/ices.readme.
> I use the recommended setup things run great.

I remember this discussion. I wasted a bunch of time proposing different
simple ways to solve otto's problem (like having ices read from a fifo
and having otto cat to the fifo) which were a lot nicer than connecting
and disconnecting to the icecast server every track (which is bad). I also
remember reading over a patch to have ices exit at the end.

but between your hostile, demanding email and the demands of real life
(like being evacuated from my downtown NYC apartment for a couple of
weeks last month), I haven't had either the time or, honestly, the
inclination to add this code.


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