[icecast] web-based playlist manager

pharkawik at hampshire.edu pharkawik at hampshire.edu
Thu Oct 18 17:18:06 UTC 2001

since we're on the subject, i'm working on a small web based radio station
and media project in amherst, MA. during the day, we will be running liveice
for djs, live stuff, and mp3s coming in as an analog source. during
scheduled off-hours, we're going to kill liveice and run a streaming mp3
client on the server which will handle playlists in a much more
sophisticated way than our imac and which will provide icecast with actual
artist and track info for each song.

the server is going to handle excessive requests with a 100mbit slave
server, assuming that we can get that to work (am i correct in thinking that
that what icecast's alias feature is for?)

on our webpages, we want people to be able to browse the mp3 library and
request songs, see what was just played, and have access to our scheduling
database (which we also need software for) which will link to saved shows,
tell what's currently on the air (either an entry in the db or what actual
song is playing) and show what will be on the air in the future.

we need this software to:

have advanced playlist options, ie take tracks from different lists, with
adjustable frequency

have a web "admin" interface for controlling what's currently playing, edit
playlists, configure options, etc with multiple users and options

create its library of available songs dynamically from a folder on the
server, taking artist and track information from the files' ID3 tags

downsample mp3s from 160 to 128k with decent quality

take requests and allow non-admin access to the library

etc etc etc

does anyone know of anything this fully-featured, or any system for
scheduling as described above??


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