[icecast] web-based playlist manager

Didier didierp at drifter.sanity1971.com
Thu Oct 18 17:58:28 UTC 2001

> > This must have been done before, right?  If not, I'll take a stab at
> > writing one.
> Many, many times.  It's a complicated enough type of UI that few of them
> are very good, and none of them may be to your liking.  Search on
> freshmeat :)  And I'm sure respective authors who hang out here will
> push their wares as well.

The real problem is that this type of ap is very personal, not just in
interface terms but what for instance you consider random. Cause I have
knowledge of PHP and mysql but ICES uses perl I ended up writing a
simple scan tool in php that read my music dir. A php webpage for
selecting the next song to be played, and a very short perl script to
get either the first requested song or a random song from the database.

Sadly as with many many versions I have found this lacks a lot but for
me it does what I want, serve a reasonable random (pure random means
that the same song can beplayed twice in a row) music stream for me to
listen to while at work. Of course I want to add features, auto restart
of ICES on crash, marking of corrupt mp3 files, mood selection, seeded
random play and so on.... one day :)

I am sure there are ppl out there who have better more worked out
programs but the beauty of this little one is that it is all mine, and
considering the huge personal requirements of such an application
perhaps you're just best starting you're own project. Then again I enjoy
this kinda stuff.


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