[icecast] ices 0.2.2 does not reencode mp3s

Brendan Cully brendan at icecast.org
Wed Nov 28 17:15:08 UTC 2001

On Tuesday, 27 November 2001 at 18:14, Bolt Thrower wrote:
> I recently upgraded ices from 0.1.0 to 0.2.2.  I have found that it
> is not reencoding my mp3 stream, even though I have it configured to.
> This is on a RedHat linux 7.0 system, kernel 2.4.11
> ices build commands:
>   ./configure --with-perl --with-lame \
> 	--with-lame-includes=/usr/local/src/lame-3.89/include \
> 	--with-lame-libraries=/usr/local/src/lame-3.89/libmp3lame/.libs
>   gmake
>   gmake install
> >From my ices.conf:
> ---[start]-----
>     <!-- Stream bitrate, used to specify bitrate if reencoding, otherwise
>          just used for display on yp and on the server. Try to keep it
>          accurate -->
>     <Bitrate>64</Bitrate>
>     <!-- If this is set to 1, and ices is compiled with liblame support,
>          ices will reencode the stream on the fly to the stream bitrate. -->
>     <Reencode>1</Reencode>
>     <!-- Number of channels to reencode to, 1 for mono or 2 for stereo -->
>     <Channels>2</Channels>

The format of ices.conf changed somewhat in 0.2, to support multiple streams
from the same playlist with different reencoding options. In short, these
settings have been moved into the Stream node. For more info have a look
at the sample ices.conf included with the distribution.


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