[icecast] Icecast 2 questions.

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Sat Nov 17 03:18:08 UTC 2001

At 06:53 PM 11/16/01 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi Michael!
>   I found those files and played with them. The live stream seems
>When I stream in mono/64 the sound is clean, but sending a playlist of
>ogg files makes it all sound like it's underwater. :(

You're using libvorbis rc2? rc2 had a bug which meant that re-encoding 
stuff sounds _awful_ compared to what it should be. Next release should 
be ok, otherwise just encode to the bitrate you want from original source

>   Maybe I have something messed up in the playlist config. It didn't
>like when I changed it from 2 to 1 channels. I guess the samplerate and
>channels is dependent on the ogg file being re-encoded.

Yes. Resampling and channel down-mixing is a feature that I haven't got
around to writing yet - sorry. Maybe someone else will write it, since
the chances of me having any time to do so before february is about zero.


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