AW: [icecast] final question: how many mountpoints can icecast handle ?

Michael Smith msmith at
Wed Nov 7 10:50:07 UTC 2001

>So problem is, if I wanted to handle, say 1000 streams,
>I would need 200 Servers..this puts the concept a bit 
>in jeopardy because that would push the cost of the service 
>into comparison to handling, as I had planned 
>until now, 500 individual streams per server.

Well, your calculations are a bit off here to begin with - the numbers
here give 20 (or more) servers, not 200 or more. 

>So I guess I'll have to wait until Icecast 2 for doing 
>a real prototype of this.
>Just so that I get this right - if I have 1000 different on-demand 
>streams (its on-demand radio from huge mp3-library for users) 
>mountpoints are definitly the way to go, yes ? Or am I on the woodpath ?

Really, you're on completely the wrong path here - there's a simple
way to do this. Remember: icecast just serves content over HTTP. If all
you want to do is serve a static mp3 library to individual users, seperately,
then a web server (such as apache) is much better suited to your needs.

This isn't to suggest that icecast CAN'T do this, but it isn't really the
most sensible approach.


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