AW: [icecast] final question: how many mountpoints can icecast handle ?

Andreas Gunzenhauser andrew at
Wed Nov 7 10:24:22 UTC 2001

Hi Jack

thanks a lot for the inside information about the mountpoints.

So what you're saying is that I need for my project when 
doing with icecast 1.x

- per 25-50 concurrent users one single server

So problem is, if I wanted to handle, say 1000 streams,
I would need 200 Servers..this puts the concept a bit 
in jeopardy because that would push the cost of the service 
into comparison to handling, as I had planned 
until now, 500 individual streams per server.

So I guess I'll have to wait until Icecast 2 for doing 
a real prototype of this.

Just so that I get this right - if I have 1000 different on-demand 
streams (its on-demand radio from huge mp3-library for users) 
mountpoints are definitly the way to go, yes ? Or am I on the woodpath ?

Thanks a lot


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> An: Andreas Gunzenhauser
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> Betreff: Re: [icecast] final question: how many mountpoints 
> can icecast
> handle ?
> > What happens when I use instead of ONE stream 
> > different streams, because my concept is an on-demand 
> > radio station that basically provides everyone with 
> > access to a huge library of music files and lets him 
> > create an own playlist that will be played only for him..
> > so if there is 1000 concurrent users, can there be 1000 
> > different mount points - and will it still work ?
> Theoretically you can use as many mountpoints as you want.
> Unfortunately, some of the locking in icecast 1.x isn't very 
> well done,
> and this causes problems in specifically this instance (of 
> large numbers
> of mountpoints).
> Practical testing of icecast under these conditions revealed 
> that 25-50
> mount points is reasonable, but much more starts to get 
> dicey.  > 100 is
> almost totally usuable.
> This won't be as big of an issue in icecast2 since the 
> locking was more
> well thought out this time through.  I hope to make the mountpoints a
> nonissue, as the number of clients currently are.
> 25-50 should be enough for even hardcore use,  and if you 
> need more (as
> we did.  we were doing 450+ streams), it's easy enough to split them
> over multiple icecast servers with each server handling 25-50 streams.
> jack.

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