[icecast] final question: how many mountpoints can icecast handle ?

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Tue Nov 6 23:08:19 UTC 2001

> What happens when I use instead of ONE stream 
> different streams, because my concept is an on-demand 
> radio station that basically provides everyone with 
> access to a huge library of music files and lets him 
> create an own playlist that will be played only for him..
> so if there is 1000 concurrent users, can there be 1000 
> different mount points - and will it still work ?

Theoretically you can use as many mountpoints as you want.
Unfortunately, some of the locking in icecast 1.x isn't very well done,
and this causes problems in specifically this instance (of large numbers
of mountpoints).

Practical testing of icecast under these conditions revealed that 25-50
mount points is reasonable, but much more starts to get dicey.  > 100 is
almost totally usuable.

This won't be as big of an issue in icecast2 since the locking was more
well thought out this time through.  I hope to make the mountpoints a
nonissue, as the number of clients currently are.

25-50 should be enough for even hardcore use,  and if you need more (as
we did.  we were doing 450+ streams), it's easy enough to split them
over multiple icecast servers with each server handling 25-50 streams.


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