[icecast] RP #2: Dual "semi" random playlists?

Dean at Home Dean at Home
Wed May 9 23:50:09 UTC 2001

Let's hope this makes it through without being bounced for HTML, I _think_
it's turned off! :)

Greetings all,

I run a non-public radio station at work, using a single Linux box running
icecast and ices as a testbed right now. Eventually, it will be on a much
larger box, with gobs of space, and each user will be able to FTP their own
MP3's to the server and build dynamic playlists, from their own and the
other MP3's. I'm leaning towards using something like Andromeda to allow the
listeners to choose their own music, or something to allow them to build
their own streams, but also want a "default" stream if you will, which is a
random selection from all available MP3's. I've got a friend of mine, who is
an ex-radio DJ, to make some 10-15 second ID's and promos for the station,
and I'd like to be able to have them played every 5-6 selections, but
randomize them as well. So, is they're a way to randomize a few thousand
MP3's, but every 5 or 6, randomly play an MP3 from another selection of
12-15 MP3's? I hope so, the clips are awesome, and will add a lot to the
station methinks. If I could only talk the PTB into letting me take it
public now :) Thanks in advance!

Dean at Home

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