[icecast] MP3 decoding, fading and streaming at the same time

Alfredo E. Cotroneo alfredo at nexus.org
Thu May 10 05:44:37 UTC 2001

Hi There,

I have just ported to Linux a program that I wrote years ago in Prolog 
under DOS to automate our Shortwave radio station. Back in 1990 the 
original program used ADPCM coded audio files and a special board. Now I 
can use MP3 files and a Soundblaster compatible card ;-) under Linux, and 
it runs from a console without any fancy interface. I absolutely need to 
fade-in and fade-out audio, and now I use the mixer capability of the 
SoundBlaster, so a simple MP3 file scheduler is not enough for me.

I am now trying to feed the output of this program (actually the output of 
the Sound card) to an icecast server. The easiest way would be to have 
another sound card and connect line-out (1st card) to line-in (2nd card) 
and use liveice to feed icecast. Either use two sound cards on the same PC 
(I did not mange yet) or even two Linux servers ;-))

I wonder if there is another easier way to do it without two soundcards. I 
MUST have fade-in/fade-out capabilities, and I currently use the card mixer 
to do that. I tried i.e. feeding Line-out and line-in of the same (duplex) 
Soundcard, but looks like the opensound audio driver cannot be open 
simultaneosly by two applications (liveice should only read, mpg123 should 
only write to the sound driver).

Any idea or suggestion to avoid having two sound cards to do what I need to 
do ?

Or how to fade in / fade out without using the card' mixer, while playing 
i.e. using mpg123 ?



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