[icecast] Using php as an administrative tools.

Pierre Amadio pierre.amadio at fr.alcove.com
Wed May 9 10:37:34 UTC 2001

Hi there.

I m really impressed by the icecast tools and have been spending some
times playing with it.

Friends of mine use the server but as they are not really at ease with
telneting for administrative purpose i had a try creating some php pages
that will act as an administrative tools for icecast.

Unfortunateley i didn t found any library that may help me communicate
with the icecast server. Libshout looks ok for streaming data but not
for other commands.

So i started playing with sockets handled by php, and here troubles
begins. As i have no clue about when the output of my command will be
over, i try to use this kind of algorithm:
connect to server
send ADMIN passwd
send untail
send status off
send oper passwd
take whatever was send on the socket, and forget it.
while we didnt get 2 uptime output:
 send uptime.
 send requested command.
 send uptime.
 get whatever was sent from the socket.
return what has been send in the buffer.
Then i read whatever has come from icecast and try to parse data between
the two uptime commands. I did that beacause i had no other idea on how
to have output surrounded by tags.

Things seems to work ok when i request 'sources' or 'listeners' but
problems arise sometimes with 'select' or 'kick' sentences.

The apache connection to the icecast server doesnt stops by itself (as
it shall do when encoutering the 2nd uptime output).

I would like to know if any of you knows about working code (php or perl
greatly appréciated :) ) that may help me understanding how this kind of
connection may be properly done.

Knowing how to customize the data generated by icecast so that output
would be surronded by <atag> things would also be helpfull.

Have a nice day.

Pierre Amadio

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